Monday, April 20, 2020

The Covid-19 Diary #4: A blob of introspection

We've agreed to homeschool the ELF, meaning I'll homeschool ELF next year.
We're also attempting to start an info graphics business, and I'm really hopeful/excited about it. I'll be writing scripts and if I combine that with my freelance writing, I'll FINALLY be making a living writing. Like ten years of work will have paid off!
I'm starting a freelance project today I'm nervous/excited about. It's an awesome opportunity, but the writing style might be a stretch for me.
Today seems to be a day of fresh starts. Probably the biggest change yet? We're planning a move to California when this is all over. I don't know if it will actually happen. I think there is at least a 50% chance it won't, but planning it is getting me through quarantine.
This is almost like a bucket list item for me. When I was young, I planned to go to LA and be a movie star. I couldn't afford to move to LA, so I moved to Dallas instead. (A lot closer to home and a cheaper move.) I started college as a theater major and wrote a lot of my own scripts. I performed and people would compliment the writing not the performance.
This annoyed me, so I decided to go to law school. Yeah, I don't know how I made that leap either except that I was on five cable stations for protesting tuition increases and it seemed like my political future was stronger than my theatrical future. I dropped out of law school a couple of years later and took to writing really bad literary fiction. I took a job as a paralegal and got grounded in the practicality of life. My husband approached the topic of California a couple of times and I shot him down because it's so expensive.
This happened two more times.
And finally I realized two people who want to live in California are hiding in Austin, because I'm afraid of the cost of real estate. But we make things work in every other scenario. There is no reason we can't make this work too.
Releasing fear gave birth to the plan.
How are you doing with the quarantine?


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