Monday, February 14, 2011

Anti-Valentines Day

First of all, thanks to all who participated. You can find a list of participants here and also sign up last minute if you'd like.

So this is the blogfest were we vent about bad dates, wasted time, and Valentine's days gone horribly wrong.

In my pre-Emil days I had a few rough Valentine's days but I think I've pinpointed one for the purpose of this fest. However, before I get started on that I just want to vent. While this year was not by any means horrid it really sucks to go pay a salon for a hair style and come out looking worse than you did when you went in. Seriously, it's Valentine's day so I thought I'd get my hair done. After just relocating to the tundra I no long have my beloved stylist (who was more torn up than anyone when we left Austin). But I have to get a hair cut sooner or later. I figured this was as good of a time to take a chance as any. (I have EXTREMELY curly hair, and thick, very hard to cut). I have no idea how but she managed to instantaneously add a good 40 years to me. I look like a morgue escapee. Thanks.

And now for the real story. The night before Valentine's day in 2006 a very serious ex emails me to tell me that while med school is exhausting he does have some time and it would be great to hear from me. Now, in my college years, I was not nearly smart enough to peg things for what they were. I still have no idea what this guy's aim was but I'm certain he had one.

But I was totally in love with this guy at the time (or obsessed). So I'm delighted that he finally emails me and he would love to hear from me. (And Valentine's day really seemed to be our thing. Afterall, the last time we got back together it was on Valentine's day).

I wake up on Valentines day full of joy. Because I know the truth. I will get my happy ending and it will happen today. I dressed in skinny jeans and heals, grabbed my Spanish book and headed for an 8 am class, not even annoyed that I was up before 8. Because today will be my day.

I get half way across campus and the heal breaks off my shoe. I don't have time to go back and I can't miss so I persevere. Who cares? A broke stiletto will not rain on my parade. So I kinda of hobble to class. I text my friend who brings me a pair of shoes on the way to her class. Problem solved I'm free to finish out the day and go wait for my happy ending. Even if the red checkered slip ons weren't exactly ensemble with my purple top.

The day finally ends and I sprint to my apartment and wait for my happy ending. He calls. I knew he would! I didn't predict that he just wanted to tell me he had a new girlfriend. Why would you do that anyhow? Who calls an ex they haven't talked to in months since they left her sobbing, because the had "to study" to tell her they have a new girlfriend? Oh. But it got better. New girl is prettier than me. I inhaled. Exhaled and calmly said, "There are other med majors in the world!" Before hitting end. Take that.

So my friend and I decide that we will go to dinner. Just us. Who needs a guy anyhow, where my debit card is declined, because of a banking error that I will spend the next week of my life trying to get resolved.

There really were no happy ending for Valentine's Day 06. Ahh--but one year later (to the day) I was building a purple teddy bear with an engineer who gave the doll his name after spoon feeding me cheesecake. And engineers don't owe med loans, so take that Mr. 06!



  1. Oh the pain of a V Day gone horribly wrong. I feel for you as I have had more than my share. So happy to hear you have wonderful Emil. I wish you both a very, very Happy Valentine's Day. :)

  2. What a jerk! Either he's the most oblivious punk on earth or he was feeling nasty. I'm glad you've got an awesome engineer with no loans no. It sounds much better :)

  3. UgH! What a day! But these things do make us stronger and more empathetic... and give us lots to write about!! :)

  4. Well it's not the texi cab, but kind of funny nonetheless! Sucks to be him---oh the wrath of Beth. I do believe the person you ended up with is much better!

  5. That's a terrible story! No wonder you wrote an anti-valentine. Who wouldn't be, after an experience like that? I'm so sorry. Does it help if I tell you I was giggling all through this post? I have a morbid sense of humour, I guess. :)

  6. Oh yeah, I've had terrible Valentine's Days and other non-holiday dates. You're not alone. So glad that you're happy now, though! :D

  7. Wow - that is one sucky Valentine's day, alright. Sorry you had to live through it, but happy for you that it brought you to your true love in the end.

  8. Beth, I just gave you a blog award. Please stop by my site to check it out.

  9. Thank goodness for Emil to show that true love can still be found! Though you found a bad egg at least you found your true love too!