Friday, June 24, 2011

MC Blogfest

The MC Blogfest is being hosted by Elizabeth Mueller .

RULES: Pretend you are one of your MCs and answer all 3 questions.
Question 1: What is your greatest fear?
Question 2: What is your biggest accomplishment?
Question 3: What is your biggest regret?

My name is Rachel Vespette, and I'm answering some questions for Beth. But I swear if these answers get anywhere, I'll disappear before anyone can find me. And my boyfriend will come after you. He had his best friend killed in a jealous rage, so if you think you're safe guess again.

My biggest fear? That my past is going to catch up with me even though I've burned my finger prints off, dyed my hair, and people know me now as Katie. Every time there is a knock at the door or an unknown number on my phone, my throat clenches. Have they found me?

My biggest accomplishment--I'm not sure how to answer that. I have some accomplishments, but most of them aren't really things to be proud of. I support myself and I'm only 17, though everyone thinks I'm 18. Of course, I have to dance to do it--and those damn drunk tourists like to get grabby because they're leaving in a few days. They can be as horrible as they want here and no one will ever know. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Here is one for you though. So far, I've gotten away with murder, and I'm from the state with an express lane for execution. That wasn't an easy feat. Believe me. And in spite of all of this, I'm about to graduate high school and one way or another I'll be pre-med in the fall.

I bet you expect me to say that the man I killed and left in a barn the night I took a midnight greyhound out of the state is my biggest regret. Well, I won't. I'm not even sure I regret it. My biggest regret is the abortion I got two days later. I know. I'm just your average 17 year old crack whore, but the thought of something with his genes growing inside of me was enough to kill me. And then before I could even react, really process it, Mom said she's marrying him. We'd go live with him and if that happened there was no chance it would ever stop. No chance my life would ever be normal.

You've seen the skeletons in my closet but...judge not lest ye be judged...And either way my boyfriend really does have my back. Don't toy with me.


  1. All I can say is, "WOW!" You've got quite a colorful character there, Beth!

  2. Sounds like Rachel is a formidable character. So much at such a young age...interesting. :)
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  3. Wow, I am sure not gonna f#@k with Rachel. She makes me want to see what happens next with her.

  4. I second Catherine's expression: WOW! She's so toughened by life, it makes me sad. No one should have to endure such tragedies. Great voice, I love it! Thank you for participating!

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  5. Wow, she has a lot on her plate. I knew before I got to where her age was that she was a teen. Great job getting her character across.

  6. Your character has a lot to deal with and I think I like her attitude.

  7. Your MC has been through much pain. Where will she go? what will she do if/when her past catches up?

  8. Sounds like an intense character. Wow.

  9. Wow, I think I'll stay away from her! But I might be tempted to read about her...;)

  10. What a great, multi-layered character backstory! I can tell you've worked a lot with your character, Beth!

  11. Great use of characterization here. Amazing. You know her well. Very well done. Thanks for the visit over at Putting Pen To Paper. :-)

  12. Wow, what an intense character! Poor thing...