Monday, January 2, 2012

About Project 52

So as I mentioned in my New Year's Eve post, I'm planning to review 52 books this year as I did in 2010. When I did this the first time I was hoping to find or develop my voice. I didn't even really know what that meant starting out, but when I came across it, I learned it's actually pretty strong. P-52 also taught me some other things: I love YA lit and believe in the impossible. I have a hard time being constrained by reality.

This year, I'm hoping to find my genre. That sounds funny since obviously I don't own any genre. And because lots of writers write more than one genre. But I write romance and that tends to end with a marriage proposal and most of my manuscripts tend to end with a marriage proposal. I've been told this is "too mature for ya" (although many things I'd consider far more risque aren't, but whatever). A couple of people have recommended I write inspirational, and it's something to look into. But since most of my storylines are paranormal, I'm not sure how well I'd fair in inspirational. All the same, I've never really read an inspirational so it's a good time to try.

So this year I'll be reading lots of subgenres and probably still reviewing YA, because I love it. In the adult world, I'm not sure where to start. Honestly, most adult is too adult for me. LOL. Goodreads has a clean romance shelf and I suppose there is a good place to start. Then again, I'm looking at the very real possibility that even after 12 months of deep genre searching, I realize that I still fit in no box. To be published, I will still have to self-publish. I have a lot of respect for self published writers. It's gutsy and hard, but traditional publication makes the possibility of success so much more likely.

52 reviews, a variety of genres, no idea where this is going to go, but I'll see where it takes me. I'm pledging to review 18 self published books this year. And I have to apologize to every one in the writerly world. Last year if I couldn't give a book 3 stars or more, I just didn't review it. And as a result, if you've followed my blog since 2010 you know that I reviewed far less books. To make my way through 52 reviews this year I will have to honestly review most of what I read. If something is really bad and going to lead to a screaming rant, I'll still try to avoid it. But if something is 1 or 2 stars for valid reasons that could have been fixed I'm going to have to say so. 


  1. I hadn't previously thought of reading as a way to help discover my own style, but now I am thinking about it, it seems rather a good idea.

  2. Yes that's kinda what I'm doing too. I love YA and have been reading romantic suspence too. I try to read across genres because a successful author once said the more you read other genres as well as your own the better your own writing becomes. Good luck

  3. It's interesting to read books in different genres and compare them; there are similarities, of course, but it's the details in the plot, characters, and setting that set each one apart and distinct.

    Good luck with Project 52!

  4. Hey Beth! We missed your post for the IWSG this week. Next one is February 1.