Monday, January 9, 2012

Rewrites/procrastination/freaking out

Okay, so I'm re-writing my all time fave ms and maybe my all time fave book as narcissistic as that sounds. And I'm am freaking out!!!! Which is making it hard to write!  I must write 5k before bed. I need to finish this whole book in 3 weeks so that my hubs has to pay me $100. (The devil wears parada. Just b/c I would not under ordinary circumstances finish a book in 3 weeks doesn't mean I can't do it to force him to pay). But the procrastinating is BAD b/c I'm afraid the book won't be as good from the guy's pov, and this will change the plot some so the romance might not be as strong. And I'm afraid the new first chapter might be confusing since it used to be the sixth chapter, what if it doesn't introduce the characters enough?

I'm afraid of a lot of things b/c I love this ms! And I don't want it to get worse. I love this ms so so much, I really don't understand why someone hasn't opted the film rights yet. Okay, I'm off for a decaf mocha and then write.

Talk me over my precipice pls someone, anyone.

Thanks Bye.

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  1. Sorry I only came by now. Did you manage to finish the ms?