Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tech Support For My Friends Losing Their GFC

I have found a low cost (and in some instances maybe free) way to avoid losing your GFC if you're on wordpress.

You can move to a blogger blog and import your whole blog and your GFC. You won't lose any followers or any work!  It's a fairly simple process which you can find here. I realize for some of you this would mean losing or changing your blog url, which can cause problems for people trying to find you, but I was actually able to set up a re-direct. Even though I have a blogspot url, you can still get to me by simply putting bethfred.com in the address bar.(You're domain name registrar, in my case go-daddy, will provide you with an option to re-direct to any url). I've heard stories of people with non-blogger blogs being booted from the dashboard bloglist, so my blogspot url keeps me in dashboards while my redirect continues to let me be me.com. If you use a wordpress blogsite (the url is blogtitle.wordpress.com) this won't work. But what you can do is put up a banner under your blog title showing the new url, like I've done here, or you can put html in your blog to make a page redirect to blogspot which you can find here or use some javascript like this.

The only thing left to do is to import your GFC. You can do so by following the instructions here (the instructions are for blogger to wordpress, but you can easily do it the other way).

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