Monday, February 27, 2012

The Evil Genius Blogfest

My blog buddy The Golden Eagle is celebrating her 2 year blogoversary (I've followed her for most of this time), and she's hosting The Evil Genius Blogfest today to celebrate.

Because as usual, truth is scarier than fiction the evil genius of my choice is Adof Hitler.
Best known for his systematic annihilation of six million Jews, Hitler rose to power by making a scapegoat of his own demographic. No doubt, it takes talent to convince a majority one group is to blame for all of our problems and please overlook that I'm part of this group. This evil genius is truly evil and if not a genius fairly close. Hitler doesn't get enough credit. He started the first anti-smoking campaign and waged a war on the world that killed fourteen million civilians. We spend a lot of time talking about the six million Jews, but tend to ignore that he systematically eradicated the disabled, the mentally ill, and anyone else he could find to target. But we got lucky. This evil genius got arrogant and got stupid. He decided to cross Russia in the middle of winter. (Hitler, that was a bad idea). A move that would lead to his eventual defeat.


  1. Thank God he made that mistake! He is one of the baddest of the bad in history, although Stalin is ranked pretty high on that list too. Or is that ranked low?

  2. It is hard to imagine how such evil was allowed to take power. What could have been...awfully scary.

  3. He truly was the quintessential evil... His quick rise to power always makes me wonder if something like that will happen again. Will the mass media society we live in keep someone like him from rising? Or help him rise even faster?

    1. I think you raise a good question. It's something that scares me. We love rhetoric so much we don't look for the evidence to back it up. We could easily be manipulated into another situation like that...especially with the global economic problems.

  4. I had wondered if anyone would choose Hitler for their post. He represents a real, terrible evil.

    Thank you for participating!

  5. I'm a bit late in the Evil Genius post readings: sorry about that! Great choice for an Evil Genius. Hitler was horrible and what makes him scary is the fact he was REAL. *shudder*.

    Nice to meet you!