Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stephen King Says...

Hey, guys if you haven't noticed I'm gone again this week. Last week I tried hard to force myself back into the swing of things w/ writing, blogging, working, critiquing.  Nothing got unpacked. Nothing. Finally this weekend I unpacked the kitchen so we could eat at home again, but I tried so hard to catch up on writing, blogging, critiquing, that I'd got behind on work. I'm really not even sure it's so much that I got behind on it as last week I had twice the work to do in the same amount of time.

So now I'm caught up on work. But behind on everything else and my house is still packed. And my daughter's room is still bare. Well, it should be bare but it has lots of boxes. Poor girl. Good thing she isn't here yet.

I'm overwhelmed and I'm STILL sick three days a week. Finally two days ago, I remembered what Stephen King said in On Writing. Something that really didn't make sense then, but seriously does now. Art is a support system for life. Life is not a support system for art. And things clicked together in my head and I realized my priority had to be getting my house unpacked, because my husband works A LOT, and the best thing I can do for myself and my family right now is put things in order. I haven't written a word this week. I'm behind on critiquing again. I'm in a group and they're probably ready to kick me out. This is my first blog post of the week and it's Wednesday afternoon. I haven't read since before the move, but this week my priority is to unpack. And even that's not getting very far. So I'm about to unpack for an hour. I'll meet with my writing group tonight and instead of writing I'll critique. Then tomorrow I'll hopefully be able to split between unpacking and day job work. (God, I hope tomorrow is one of those days I wake up feeling pre-pregnancy).

And the point of all of this is, I'm aware I'm not around commenting, but I still love you! I'm sorry the blog is so not updated, but it will be one day. And I'm so mad at myself for not writing/critiquing, I don't even know what to say about that one. But for now ttyl.

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  1. I hate that crazy feeling I get when I don't get a chance to write! But... I also hate the crazy feeling I get when I really need to get things done in my house, and can't seem to get to them. Best of luck with feeling good, and with getting everything done you'd like to do!