Friday, March 30, 2012


So bloggiesta starts today, and I have no idea how much time I'll have to put into it especially with two books left to read for my A-Z posts. But I'm going to knock out as many of these goals as I can:
  • Write an "About Me" that fits my personality--since I'm out there this should be fun
  • Make a badge for Beth's Blog & The Book Stall
  • Figure out how to get my blog to auto feed to Stumble upon and Diggs (This is no longer possible).
  • Finish my A-Z posts
  • Kick blogger b/c it won't let me update my dashboard (still need to do this...Is anyone else having problems deleting old blogs)?
  • Set up Blogger to e-mail when I get a new comment
  • Set up Amazon Associate links
It seems like I'm forgetting something, so I may add more later.  If anyone knows how to do the digg/stumble upon thing I'll love you forever if you tell me!
P.S. contest ends tomorrow!!!!

EDIT: Things highlighted have been done!!!!...No mini challenges so far, though I really hope to get to the SEO challenge.


  1. Oooh good to see I'm not the only one to take a break before the Challenge. Good luck with your goals. :-)

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