Thursday, June 28, 2012

At That Place Again...

Okay, so yesterday I was struggling with one scene. I couldn't figure out who's pov to write it from, so I just went for it and wrote it. It didn't turn out nearly as dramatic as I'd hoped. It may not suck, but it's not good either.

Aaargg. But I'm worried about my word count. This is the one thing I can usually rely on not having to worry about. My word counts are typically above 100 and i have to cut, cut, cut. I think I'm probably more than half way through the book and I'm sitting on 25k. That means I need at least 25k more to have a book, and I think I've past the half way point.

*Bangs head. Bangs head*

My prose is not pretty this time either. I think it's funny I've seen a billion blog posts about how much easier it is to write in the present and it's killing me. I decided to write this book in the present because you see so few YA books published in the past tense anymore and I figure if you can't beat them join them. But it's killing me.
Now back to the writing.


  1. Good luck with your word count! I hope writing in present tense gets easier over time--whenever I try it I always have trouble with it, too.

  2. Hi Beth! Good luck with your word count. One thing I don't have problems with. I'm always having to cut, cut, cut.

    How are things with the new baby?

  3. I once tried to write a novel in present tense. I won't be doing that again.

  4. Fwiw - I'll read present, but I prefer past. Good luck with your WIP.
    IWSG# 288