Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Life... it's about time. And lately I'm finding I don't have enough, but the irony is since I have ABSOLUTELY no time, I'm writing more. It's kind of a phenomenon. I don't pretend to understand it, but in 2010 I worked full time. Some weeks I worked way over 40 hours, because I had more to do than I could get done in the normal day. I wrote 2.5 books that year.  In 2011 I quit my day job, because we moved to Wisconsin. I didn't start working until July, and when I did start working again it was part time. I didn't accomplish anything the whole year except being depressed and mad at the world.

I felt that lack of motivation pour over into 2012, and I couldn't allow it. So I decided to take a class, because it would force me to write. It did. But before my baby was born when I really should have had a lot of time, I'd written only 19 pages in 5 weeks. Since my baby came home, and I have NO time (seriously none at all) I've written 28 pages. I have to steal minutes to do it. Let my husband take care of the baby for a couple of hours while he's home on the weekend. Use her nap time. I don't get more than an hour at a time. I don't get an hour every day, and still I'm being more productive.

But other writers have told me they got more writing done while they were working a day job. I just want to know what about you? Do you work a day job and still get a lot of writing done? Do you not work and get a lot of writing done? Do you write more when you have more time or does it go the other way?


  1. My writing doesn't seem to be affected by my job. I'm more likely to be affected by family issues that need attention. If I'm in a time crunch with work I can still set down words, but when family's involved I often freeze. I'm sure it's all about emotions.

  2. Hi Beth! I don't work outside of the home and I don't have little ones, so I should have plenty of time to get a lot of writing done. I easily get distracted with other projects, so some days are not very productive. On the days I commit to office hours, I find I get a lot more done.

  3. I'm still in school--but whether it's a busy time of the year or not, my writing seems to be relatively independent of whatever else I'm doing. Though the more active I am the more inspiration I find, usually.