Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Insecure Writer's Support Group

I'm hoping to submit some revisions today. That's enough to make any writer insecure. Other than that my major insecurity is just finding the time to write, because people look at housewives and think "Wow, lucky you. You don't have to work." but taking care of a new born is more work than just going to work.

I managed to write 15 pages Sunday night while holding my baby. I've found an easy solution. You just put the baby's head in your elbow and your other arm under her legs, push the lap top back far enough there is room for baby on table and lean into it. You can type and if baby rolls, it rolls into you. Ha!

I think I'm more of an insecure mother than an insecure writer today. Because if I only pick the baby up when she is crying does that mean she's not getting held enough? (Although, she usually cries when she is awake). Or am I a bad mom because I can't sit and hold her all day? I love my daughter, but I have so much to do. It's just not possible.

So that's where I am today. Looking forward to your insecurities.

As always IWSG is hosted by Alex. 


  1. You should get one of those wraps from India and tie her onto you so you're holding her but hands free. :)

    My bet is you will feel secure as a writer before you'll ever feel secure as a mother. As soon as you think you're doing it right, they change.

  2. I'm impressed with how much you wrote, but it won't last for long. With my first born, he slept so much when he first came home from the NICU, I was bored. So I decided to take up art (I hadn't started photography or writing at this point). Two weeks later, I had to abandon my art goal. There wasn't time to do it. And that time greatly diminished when I had babies #2 and 3.

    Fortunately that lack of time issue doesn't last forever. :)