Sunday, May 10, 2015

Monday Mishmash

Monday Mishmash is hosted by Kelly Hashway.

  1. Tests- Blah. I think I've taken more tests since I got out of school than I did in school. I'm taking the ESL exam on Thursday, and I really hope I pass it, because it will seriously impact my job choices, if I don't.
  2. MFA- After I finish my test on Thursday, I'm going to come home and submit homework for my MFA that doesn't officially begin until June. LOL. Also, my reading list this semester is going to be interesting. Everything from inspirational to erotica, and you know how I feel about that E-word.
  3. Dance Recital- My ELF has a big dance recital this weekend! She is growing up so fast. Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone.
  4. Secret Project- Remains unplotted, but I'm looking for a travel grant of some sort to visit NOLA before I start writing.
  5. Perfect Harmony- Likewise remains unrewritten. Productive week, right?


  1. Sounds like life is scary-busy for you at the moment. All the best with plotting and writing your fiction projects! And with the test!

  2. Okay, so today is Thursday. Hope you did great on your test!!!