Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday Mishmash

  1. Thank you- Thanks to all of you who participated in my cover reveal. If you missed it Finding Hope is now Decree of Hope and looks like this: 
  2. Summer- Is it summer yet? Seriously, I'm so ready for June.
  3. Promise- If Decree of Hope sales 200 ebooks during the month of July, I will write Rana and Jackson's story and move it ahead of other projects.
  4. Mailing List- I'm finally going to take the plunge and set up a mailing list. I'll blog about the process on Wednesday. This will keep me accountable and hopefully share some good information. 
  5. Before Hope Dawned- This will be a freebie for fans of the # Peace series, but those who sign up for the mailing list will receive it before I make it available online.
That's me this week. What's up with you?


  1. Oh geez, I did miss it. Peeking now... Decree looks awesome! Such hard work, Beth. :) Can't wait to hear about your mailing list process.