Sunday, May 31, 2015

Vacation Blogfest

The Vacation Blogfest is being hosted by Lexa Cain, Melanie Karsak, Vanessa Morgan, Jolie DuPree,  and Stuart West.

The goal of this summer hop is to talk about places you like to spend the summer. I'm going to talk about New Orleans. I have no idea if it's a good place to spend the summer but that's why I chose it. Partly. And partly because I think it's where my top secret thesis project will be set. I desperately need a research trip, but can't figure out how to fund it.
I'd originally planned to set secret novel in Vegas, somewhere I know. But I realized there were some problems there. Vegas is an interesting place for two characters who need to stay hidden to be--it's not as big as you might think--and many of my loyal readers are used to my books being set in the South. I searched for a city closer to home I might be able to set this story in. It needed to be a place known for scandals and partying but easy enough for a Texas runaway to make it too. I realized quickly I was looking at NOLA or Shreveport. I pitched the concept to my husband and let him tell me which city worked better. We agreed on NOLA. Now I just have to get there somehow.


  1. New Orleans, particularly The French Quarter, is one of my most favorite places. I've been there at least four times. If you have any questions about The French Quarter, which is where you should set the location of your book, let me know.

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  2. Well, I'm sure NO is really warm this time of year. It is a place that's always intrigued me, though. So much history... And I love the landscape and architecture.