Friday, May 6, 2016

DIY MFA Review: Nine Coaches Waiting

I read Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Steward for my romance classics class. This book was interesting to say the least.
"Linda Martin, an English woman is hired to be a governess for a young French boy. But a strange terror coiled in the shadows behind the brooding elegance of the huge Château Valmy. It lay there like some dark and twisted thing -- waiting, watching, ready to strike.

Was it only chance encounter than had brought the lovely governess to the château? Or was it something planned? She only knew something was wrong and that she was afraid. She is unaware of the danger she faces or who to trust in order to protect the young heir. Now she could not even trust the man she loved. For Raoul Valmy was one of them -- linked by blood and name to the dark secrets of the Valmy past.

So Raul doesn't come in for like 75 pages, and I found those first 75 pages so incredibly boring. I mean there was enough going to to keep you interested but it didn't read like a romance. And that's usually a deal breaker for me. However, this was for class so no choice. Then Raul came in and he was hot, mysterious, a regular Edward Cullen. But then he disappeared again. WTF? 
But then someone shot at the kid. Seriously. Someone shot at a kid. I have anxiety, so I freaked out. I had to get up and check on the ELF. Steward did an awesome job of the suspense. But I needed the romance. Then Linda has to flee with the kid and word on the street is Raul is involved. And this is romance, so he has to come back from that, but how do you come back from trying to kill a kid? This is where it became a must-read class or no class. 
Raul is innocent and he loves Linda. But this was covered too quickly. I needed more!
Bottom line: This is the where romantic suspense began. You like the Decree of Hope? This is where these books began.

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