Saturday, May 28, 2016

Update Day: The Real Update

The Big Dreams Blogfest is hosted by myself and Misha Gericke.

I put up a dummy post yesterday saying I was drafting like a maniac hoping to report I had a draft today. Yeah. That didn't happen. I wrote a whopping 200 words and spent most of the day getting life in place. I've been working a temporary day job since January which ended yesterday. The good news is I'll have more time to write. The better news is I've got things in order so that I can take a few months to find a job. The not so great news is it's going to take me even longer to be able to hire a publicist which I desperately need.

My goals for 2016:
Increase my count to a million by two hundred thousand words. (I estimate I've written about 50k this year. I'm going to have to write like mad through December which will be hard with everything going on.)
Get romantic fiction published in woman's world ($800/short would help with next goal)
Make $1,500/month writing at least one month this year.
Get my thesis novel through the first pass
Complete 20 graduate hours (I've completed 10. This will happen by December.)
Find a new job (I quit the day job due to migraines). (I did this, but it was temp so now I have to do it again.)
Get off Coke-Cola
Find a better writing/life balance. (I either don't write at all or abandon other parts of life.) (Not happening)
Make $500/month writing at least one month before June (This did not happen.)

Goals for June:

  1. client edit
  2. read book for res
  3. crits for res
  4. outline 2nd Pennsylvania Avenue book
  5. revise His First Lady
  6. revise Before Hope Dawned
  7. Write 10,000 words
  8. write 1 Womans World Short
  9. Sub Woman's World Short
  10. Get off candy
  11. work out 3 days a week
How did you do in May? What are your goals for June?


  1. Yep, our months do seem identical. We can get through this. ^_^

  2. There should be a law against life getting in the way of our writing... but then without life we wouldn't be able to write, so I'm not sure how that would work out, lol. :) Keep it up!

  3. I'm not sure the monetary goals are realistic - they depend on other people as much as on yourself. But the goals of writing and submitting and everything in between - yeah, go for them.

  4. You're making progress with the word count. Maybe not as much as you'd like to, but still steady progress. Keep going!

  5. I wanted to join this hop, but I can't figure out how to do it. Is there a list posted somewhere? A link?

  6. Yup! Your June is going to be WAY busier than mine.
    I'm just thankful I got Internet. :)

    Keep it up, Beth! Also if you need me to spread the word for your upcoming trilogy, let me know - it sounds AWESOME.

  7. Looks like you've hit a rough patch. Keep plugging away. It'll get better. You're always just one flick away from the lightbulb moment that changes everything for the better.