Monday, May 2, 2016

Love In Bloom Writing for Woman's World #6

Writing for Woman's World is a blog series in which I take apart Woman's World short romances in an attempt to write them better. This series was inspired by Kate.

Also, it's been brought to my attention that I published (and have been submitting to the wrong address). If you'd like to sub woman's world here is the correct info:
Email Patricia Gaddis at

B: Jesse and her co-worker Alison are making bouquets for a wedding. Jesse is complaining about being single and Alison is trying to set her up with a customer.

M: The customer's mother shows up to buy a plant for her son's birthday and request it be delivered personally by Jesse. Mom is willing to pay to have Jesse deliver it because her son has been mentioning the name for a year. Alison says she will take over from there. (And she does).

E: Jesse goes to deliver the plant and while she's there a Thai delivery guy shows up. He says he has a bag of food for Chris and Jesse, and it has been paid for. The two realize they've been set up and Jesse apologizes. But Chris says he's not sorry. (Aww). 

Did you read this one? Have you been submitting to woman's world? 


  1. My online buddy Tina Russo Radcliffe writes for them. She's been doing so since the 90s. They pay WELL! I tried to get in for a while but never could crack the code. I met her back when we all wrote for True Story, True Romance, etc.

  2. Oh no. Sorry you had the address wrong.

  3. I did read that story and so enjoyed it. Thanks for the link. have submitted twice but got passed on.