Monday, March 30, 2020

The COVID-19 Diary #2

I'm having a harder time staying positive today. I'm whacked my schedule. I'm up all night and exhausted all day. The pollen is high. My allergies staged a mutiny, and I only made through 8 minutes and 37 seconds of my 24 minute work out today.
But I didn't want to push it. I can't go to the doctor, because of COVID-19(have to throw that in for context in case this becomes the next Diary of Anne Frank. Yeah, right.) so no no asthma attacks today!
It's the second week of my science of well being course, which I'm actually looking forward to.
Last week because of this course, I learned my greatest strength is my love of learning. (I'd liked my greatest strength to be something more quantifiable but whateverz.)
And to be happier I needed to find 7 ways to use my strength, so I learned:

  1. How to design t-shirts (This was completely accidental. I signed up for an Udemy course on passive income.)
  2.  How to sell t-shirts on merch
  3. How to sell t-shirts on teespring
  4. There is a plug-in for your blog that will automatically build your newsletter.
  5. How to put a class on udemy
  6. Canva has free artwork and fonts for design
  7. Woman's World got a new editor and now has a fb group for writers.
I also paid attention to what I learned and how I learned it.
I had no intention of designing t-shirts but since I'd paid for the class I stuck around for the information. It's actually kind of fun. I'm going to keep doing it until I have 100 designs. By then if I haven't sold one, I'll throw in the towel. I don't feel like a quitter since selling t-shirts was never part of my plan. But there is too much free time right now and it was a fun thing to try.
I learned about the plug in for the blog from a friend. But last week was the first time I sent a newsletter that got a response, so I think I want to keep trying to write them myself at least for a while. If nothing else, it's good practice.

Since we've all been forced into this pre-industrial lifestyle, I want to wear lounge clothes and commit to leisure activities all day then don a sparkling dinner dress every evening and pretend I'm in regency England! 
What are you doing this week?

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