Sunday, March 25, 2012

Critique Partner Needed

I'm looking for a critique partner. My current project is a romantic adult short story of 13,000 words or 41 pages. I've been writing for two years and in that time I've written 3 novels. The first and third were pretty bad. I still insist the second one was genius. I'd like to find someone in about the same spot.

Some of my favorite books are Twilight, Born Wicked, and Perfect Chemistry, basically anything with a strong romance plot. My writinig tends to be PG-13 as is most of what I read. And this short story is adult but my novels are YA.

I'd like to swap 40-50 pages with someone to see if we are a good fit. After that, I'd like this to be an ongoing thing (assuming we're each happy with the feedback we've received). I don't expect to have a novel ready to be critiqued before the fall, but I'm happy to critique your stuff until then. If interested please send me an e-mail with some of your favorite books, what you're looking for in a CP and let's set up a swap ;). I'm at bethfred08(at)



  1. I pondered this when I saw your message and really wanted to take you up on it. But I don't think we read or write in similar genre's and I know I'm not a good romance critiquer (which spell check says isn't a word :-P).

    However, I still wanted to wish you luck in your search and revision, and congrats on finishing the short story ^_^

  2. I've a few YAs on the shelf and I tend to have romance crop up in practically every story I write, but they're more adult fantasy than anything. So, while I'd like to help, I'm not sure I'd be able to.

    Still, I hope the end to your searching comes swiftly and the critique is helpful.

  3. Hi Beth! That's a great idea to find a critique partner. I'm a memoir writer, so I wouldn't be any help for you. Just wanted to wish you luck, too. Also, have you checked for any writing groups in your area? I have learned so much in the past couple of years by being a member of a local writers group that meets once a month, and also a critique group that meets once a week. Best of luck!

  4. Good luck in your crit partner hunt. I already have four crit partners and I'm barely able to keep up with them. They are writing machines.

    All my best to you.