Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Google Ate My Friends & Followers

So it appears that when Google said they were removing GFC for all non-blogger blogs, they were actually pretty non-discriminate about it. Shutting down my blog for a week back in December and then backing up all my posts for the past year, and paying for a re-direct didn't matter. They still took my followers. Thanks, Google.

The irony of it is I would have never left Google in the first place had Google not locked me out of my account in 2010. Again, thanks Google.

If you were following me before and are still interested, I would be thrilled if you could re-follow me.Some of the people in my friend connect I've known since 2010. It was heartbreaking to realize everyone is gone.


  1. That's so strange since you're using Blogger. Anyway, I'm following you again.

  2. What? GAH! Well, that sucks. I'm sorry, Beth.

  3. Ah, the joys of the Internet. I'm with you again.

  4. That's weird that you lost them when you're part of blogger. I've refollowed you. :D

  5. Hi Beth! I'm sorry that you lost all of your followers. I thought that anyone who had a blogspot blog was not suppose to be affected. Guess I understood wrong. I will go over and click the link to follow you after I finish this comment.

    I also wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts on today's blog post. Have a great day!