Monday, April 16, 2012

N = Nelson Literary Agency

The A-Z blogging challenge is being hosted by Tossing It Out. My A-Z selections are a Beth's Pick unless otherwise noted.

I have to say, I'm not represented by NLA, but if I ever query a novel again, agent Kristin Nelson will be among my top picks. Her blog pubrants is helpful to writers, and not just on writing advice. In lots of instances, pubrants has made me aware of things going on in the industry that I would have missed even being an active member of several writing organizations. Granted, I'm unpublished so it may not be that pertinent to me, but if I were on submission to Dorchester, I'd want to know. Not to mention, she represents the brilliant Simone Elkeles, which means she has good taste. I admire the way she's fought for her clients rights even on works she didn't represent and I liked the way she was willing to represent a client who chose to self publish. Now her agency has a whole self publishing model which AAR has asked them to share. Yep, this is a Beth's pick.


  1. I've heard mixed things about her, but I do admire her to having Simone as her client (as well as Janice Hardy). I love Simone and her books (I've met her last year).

  2. Hi Beth! Interesting post. Sounds like a good choice for the letter N.