Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O = On Writing

The A-Z blogging challenge is being hosted by Tossing It Out. My A-Z selections are a Beth's Pick unless otherwise noted.

Stephen King's On Writing was the first craft book I read and the only one I've been able to finish. It's a simply written short read perfect for a beginning writer. I used lots of his advice when writing my second manuscript, Phantom Fires, which is my all time favorite. If you're starting out grab a copy of this.


  1. I must admit, I haven't read this one. Some like Stephen King's advice and some don't. But we're noever too old to change. Blog on!


  2. Hmm.. Had been thinking of reading a book on the craft. Maybe this will be my first one. (other than, of course, my trusty Strunk and White :) )
    Happy A-Z'ing!
    ~AJ @ frodofrog.blogspot.com