Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bringing YA to You

Thanks to my friend at Hope Love & Happy Endings I stumbled on to this awesome contest Bringing YA to You. The winner will be able to bring a tour stop of five YA authors to their hometown, and I need your help--the teens of Milwaukee need your help.  I'm not being overly dramatic with that last statement it's just true. We rarely get author stops here, and I can only think of one time a well known YA writer was here. I don't know of any non well known YA writers who have been through either. I make it a point to get out and support those people. I don't know what the current statistic is, but I know when we first moved here from Texas, I expected things to be better. After all, you always hear about how antiquated the south is. So I was surprised to learn that at least then, Milwaukee had one of the lowest literacy rates and high school graduation rates in the country. In the country.

The attitude here is that education and literacy aren't important. You can survive without it. Survive, yes. Thrive no. I think that if more writers did come here, if books were pushed better here, if word got out that reading is fun and exciting then things would change. So help me. Please. Go here and give Milwaukee referrals.


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