Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 IWSG #1

As you know IWSG is hosted by Alex J. Cauvenaugh.

So what an I insecure about? This short story I was supposed to have finished two months ago. I fear the middle is sagging and it's just a short. Geez. My new blog project on this blog and my new blog, both of which you can find out about here. (If you have something to promote this year, I recommend you check out that post). Then there are the queries and fulls I have out, and the grad applications that have not yet been answered. So much uncertainty.

And God I hope this short story turns out decent to good-ish. Okay, back to writing.

Bye, bye, bye! And tanks for visiting.


  1. Good luck with that story and Happy 2013!

  2. I know that you will get the short story worked out. Just hang in there and all the best for 2013.

  3. Good luck with that. Sending good vibes your way. =)

  4. I feel insecure about my writing too. I bet it's better than you realize. ((hugs))

  5. Take a deep breath. You just need to take a break and then go back fresh. That short story will be great. Keep writing!