Thursday, January 10, 2013


This wasn't the post I had planned for the day, but I'm frustrated and I think getting it out of my system will help me write. I hope. Back in November I sent out 11 queries (including one to an agent I had a referral for). Pretty quickly, I received two fulls and three rejections. Since then nothing. Not even a form rejection. Monday will mark the eight week mark since things were sent, and I'll assume no response means no. But I haven't heard back on the fulls I have out either, and it's maddening.

On top of this, being home with a seven month old all day (she is adorable) makes it almost impossible to write. I'm going mad writing in twenty minute increments and hoping against all odds an email comes.


  1. I chose not to post my rant on this topic (it was on courtesy for courtesy and why should they expect us to be courteous if they can't. In long form). Close to 100 queries out, and only two TOTAL responses. Two rejections, which I can handle, but a 2% RESPONSE rate?

    You're not alone in your frustration.


  2. You've got to give yourself credit for sending out the queries. I haven't worked up the nerve to do that yet.

    Just wait until your little one is four and wants to help you write. :) Mine didn't nap after he was 18 months old - if he did he was up until midnight, which was worse. Maybe you can get a little help a couple of hours at a time a couple of days a week. That helped me a lot.

  3. Well done for sending out the queries in the first place. It is frustrating not to hear anything. I met an publisher at an event and work and got talking and she told me to send in my manuscript for her to read as she was interested. So I did, two months later I hadn't heard anything so I contacted her, 'she forgot' and put it down in a pile somewhere, another month went past with nothing and I got one of those automated emails saying she was on holiday. I tried another couple of times and never heard back. That was 18 months ago, she probably chucked it away and didn't bother to read it anyway but I found it really rude and quite annoying. If she was too busy in the first place she shouldn't have asked for it!
    Hope you get something back soon.

    On another note - I hope to be able to cheer you up. You entered the 'Megan Duncan' giveaway on my blog and I am pleased to tell you that you have won a 'Falling From Eternity' Keychain.
    please email me with your address so I can get Megan to send out your prize.

    Congrats. hope that cheered you up a bit. :D

  4. Aw, Beth, I hear ya. Don't forget that a lot of publishing shuts down during the holidays. Stay patient, my friend. As for your little one? This time will fly by. Too soon she'll be in school for several hours a day, and you'll miss this time with her. Hang in there!

  5. You can do it Beth! It's hard, half of the queries I sent out back in October/November have recieved no response They were from agencies that don't respond unless their requesting but still it's hard. I'm happy to hear about your requests, usually most agencies have a policy on sending followup emails so I'd check that out if it's been longer than you think it should've been.