Monday, April 15, 2013

N = Ninja Librarian

 Before we get started, The Marlowe Girl blog tour officially starts today. I have an interview with Kathy at I'm A Reader Not A Writer, an excerpt with Heather. Sarah Ballance and I are talking about the differences between the Marlowe sister here, and I'm talking about my ten favorite book/movie sisters with Stacy Juba here.

In keeping with the theme of Promote 52, I'm doing A-Z promotions. This is a tribute to book bloggers, so mostly I'll be promoting bloggers. But I'll take the occasional diversion to promote an author I love, or give a shout-out to someone. Of course, A-Z is hosted by Arlee Bird at Tossing It Out.

Emily is a young adult librarian and blogs at Ninja Librarian. She loves all genres of young adult and has been blogging for a year. I love anyone who promotes YA and librarians are always so helpful! Go say, "Hi!"


  1. She sounds great! Will go check out her blog now.

    Best of luck with your blog tour!

  2. She sounds so cool! Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the blog tour, hope everything goes well!!

  3. Hey Beth! Thanks for the pop today! I'm always excited to find people who love YA lit. It's my passion and... well... job. :) Much appreciated.