Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Make Money Writing: K= Keep Your Writing Time Holy!

April is about making money writing. Yesterday, we said that if you don't write you can never make money writing, so just write. Today's idea is closely related.

K=Keep Your Writing Time Holy.
Stay off facebook. Just write. I had two years where all I produced was an unpublished picture book and a novella. I don't expect the picture book will ever be published. The novella was meant to be a free perk for fans and will eventually be published as that. Still compared to all those years I wrote novels--with an "s"as in plural--it felt unproductive. The most important thing I learned in grad school was that fifteen minutes of writing without checking email, playing on facebook, or making sippy cups for the kid meant 250 words. And that's the average person. I've written 7 novels and 3 novellas at this point, so if I know what I want to say, I can push out more than that. In 15 minutes. So keep your writing time holy. Guard it well. Close facebook and make sure your kids know the only reason to interrupt you when your writing is because someone might die. And insects don't count.

This may not sound like a way to make money writing, but it is probably the most important post of this series. What do they say in corporate America? Time=money. If you want be an author, you own a small business. Man up.

What tricks have you learned to keep your writing time holy?

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