Saturday, April 16, 2016

Make Money Writing: N=Nonfiction

The month of April is all about ways to make money writing, N is for nonfiction.
I have an interesting factoid for you. Non-fiction does better on amazon than fiction, especially if you're writing in a self-help genre like how to make more money or lose weight. And if you're into the traditional route, you can usually sell non-fiction on proposal. You write an outline and what your expertise on the subject is, refer to your platform and if gets rejected, it will do so before you've written a whole book.
Here is another plus with non-fiction. A 60 page non-fiction book can go for $2.99 and still do well. Whereas 60 pages for fiction is short. We're talking free or $0.99. Lots of indie writers talk about how much money they make writing, and it's exciting that they are able to do that. If you watch their sells, you will start to notice most of the same writers have very successful non-fiction products ("how to write" books) and this can account for a large chunk of their sales. If you're not into how-to-write books that is awesome. It's a competitive field anyway. But you probably have some experience that a lot of people don't have. There is something you can draw on to share helpful information about. If you feel like putting out a 60 page book this year, write it out.

Have you published non-fiction?


  1. I haven't, and I'm not sure if I ever will. I do like to read nonfiction though!

  2. Had no idea non-fiction made more money. Was sure it would be fiction. So I guess it was good I dropped by - not that I have any non-fiction to add to the equation mind you!

    Rosa Temple writes...

  3. Hm, I imagine various workshop topics I've taught could make a nonfiction book. It's worth looking into.