Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Make Money Writing: Q=Quick

April is all about making money with your writing! We've talked about lots of way to make money writing and said that organization is a key component to success. But you gotta be quick too! You have to learn how to maximize your production in as little time as possible. I wrote 1041 in 40 minutes today. I was able to do this largely because I did my research in advance and I knew what was going to happen.
I've talked on this blog before about the magic of 15 minutes. Use your 15 minutes. Write as much as you can in the time you've got and if you have to get up to clean house or make dinner be thinking about what you're going to do during your next sprint. If you're working on a paid project that is going to require research, streamline your research. Write down the questions you really need to know before you start your research. Answer those questions and close your browser before you get sucked down the rabbit hole of research. Open your document and write. Practicing writing every day is another way to improve your speed. (The more you write the easier it will become; you'll increase both quantity and quality).


  1. True, and true. Learning this as I go - I'm not too bad about closing down the browser on research. It's shutting out the rest of the distractions that bother me.

  2. I write reasonably quickly once I get started. I just need to speed up the getting started part!

  3. I can write quickly, but I do find myself going off target and wasting lots of time when researching online. I love your advice of having specific things written down and closing the window once you find them

  4. I get distracted so easily by the internet that I broke down and bought myself an Alphasmart Neo. It's amazing how much my productivity level went up!
    Carol at My Writing Journal