Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Make Money Writing: T=Teach

April is all about making money writing.
Here's a sad truth: most writers make more money talking about writing than they do actually writing. So what do you do then? Teach. I'm serious. Most of us are better at certain aspects of writing than others. I'm good at plot. I'm so good at plot I used plot to write a query and had a 50% full request rate. So I teach a class on plot. I spent months breaking novels into the three act structure. When it came time to query, I broke my work into the three act structure. My plot wrote the query for me then went onto write my more thorough 1.5 page synopsis. A lot of people like my class. A few don't. But after every class at least one or two writers thank me and tell me I've made their life easier. My classes are often used as fundraisers for chapters of RWA and I make $100-$200/class. The class also usually spikes my book sales. But as you begin to sell more your class fee will go up. You will be able to do other events and you can be paid for these. It's important to learn to give presentations if  you're hoping to earn cash in this industry.

Do you teach classes?

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