Saturday, March 21, 2020

How is it going?

I hope you're all doing okay, and staying well.
It was hard to get used to such a stark change of pace, but at this point, I'm actually happy to be at home.
I'm homeschooling the ELF (something A LOT of people have been forced into recently) and trying to pick up the writing career I was more or less forced out of when I had to go back to work in 2014. I get it. I know a lot of you write, take care of your kids, and work too. I've never managed to get it together enough for that.
But this is my chance!
I know blogging died a slow and painful death while I wasn't paying attention but I miss it. I think while we're in this retro era we might as well bring it back.
So, if I remember how to find a linky would you guys be interested in an old school, 2010 style blogfest?

1 comment:

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