Monday, March 23, 2020

The COVID 19 Diary #1

I'm taking a FREE class on the science of well being from Yale through Coursera.
If you need to be happier during our bleak time, you can find it here.
And I'm actually thankful for ELF's dance school today. Because of the virtual classes, she got two hours of interaction with other kids.
I managed to do a barre workout but got no writing done. My homeschool endeavors are going well today. As promised, I'll include a picture of tomorrow's checklist in case you're following along at home. I'm relying on ABC Mouse a lot right now. If you need a subscription, you can find that here and they are doing a special for $45/year which you can break into 3 installments of $15. If your child is older, their sister company Adventure Academy is available for the same price right now. (I have a second semester 2nd grader and wish I'd gone with Adventure. I've contacted ABC Mouse to see if I can get switched over, but for now I'm using this.)

How is your isolation going? 
P.S. As part of my course on the science of well being, I need to come up with 7 different ways to use my "signature strength" a love of learning. LOL. Not exactly what I would think of as a strength. Help me out! What are seven different ways (that I can do right now in isolation) to use a love of learning?

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