Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Other Marlowe Girl Is Here!!!

The Other Marlowe Girl had a release date of April 16, 2013. I had to upload it early to create purchase links for my tour host I'm A Reader, Not A Writer. I had planned on keeping this to myself and letting it go up with a big release on April 16, but if you've been around this weekend you know that the moment I uploaded it, the book was pirated. Since my friend  the pirate has it, I thought everyone else should too. So the blog tour won't start for another 9 days, but the book is up now!

I'm kicking off with an interview on the 16th, but I'd like to organize a small blitz on the 15th. Nothing huge just the cover and blurb. If you'd be willing to help, please sign up on the linky below. Thanks everyone!


  1. Anything to combat the pirates, argh!

  2. You mean, I can't wear a pirate outfit! Dang! Anyway, I'm in.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth and no pirate costumes!

  3. The cover is so beautiful! I'd love to show it off :)

  4. I would be happy to help...I am on the tour, but can put something up early for you. Let me know.

    alekee02 at yahoo dot com

  5. Real pirates make me angry. I'm with Kim on the cover. Absolutely charming! I'm in.